Northwind   Quantity   Surveyors

Invites You To Our

Christmas Social  and 

Networking  Event

6pm Thursday 5 December

Berth Restaurant & Event Centre, 45 Newquay

Promenade, Docklands.

Harry Nguyen, Northwind’s CEO, invites you to join many other prominent Melbourne business owners & managers at this “festive season” celebration.

It’s a great chance to network with other professionals - & let your hair down.

Attendees will be from a wide variety of industries, such as property developers, finance advisors, accountants & real estate agents (plus numerous other business types).

I know its challenging running a small businesses and I want to share with you my own journey, my own business tip, mindset and show case some business system that I have implemented.

At the evening, I will also cover Northwind’s incredible “WOW Partner Program”, for Tax Depreciation reports where he is given away a FREE 7 Night Luxury Holiday In Bali Or Phuket, to the partner!

And……….drum roll………..we have scored a major coup by convincing Australia’s leading “marketing expert”, John Dwyer, to be Guest Presenter at the event!

We KNOW that “marketing” is a challenge for many biz owners & managers – so this presentation of ONLINE & OFFLINE “client-attraction” tactics from John will be a timely BONUS for you, given 2020 in just around the corner!

Featuring Our Special “Keynote speaker”, Marketing Guru, John Dwyer

When it comes to “direct-response” marketing strategies, this guy stands out from the crowd.

What Spielberg is to movies, John is to “direct-response” marketing.

In John’s presentation, you’ll discover HOW to create a Marketing Plan for your business, including “formulas” for Facebook advertising, LinkedIn & other social media.

John’s business, the Institute Of Wow, specialises in showing businesses “HOW TO WOW” their prospects - & HOW to stimulate leads through “measurable” marketing tactics.

His 5 step “client-attraction system” will be a “take-away” you’ll be thanking us for!

John’s also the guy who scored Jerry Seinfeld to be the spokesman for an Australian bank – a campaign that broke “revenue records” - & you’ll hear HOW John cleverly crafted this campaign & HOW “you” can swipe the model.

Oh, incidentally, Jerry actually commented that “John was the best marketing person he had ever worked with” – high praise indeed from “comic royalty!”




As implied above, this is your very unique chance to learn “client attraction” advertising formulas from Australia’s leading marketing mind.

We’re talking about a marketing enigma who crafted a particular campaign for a Melbourne based business……….that resulted in 812,000 phone calls in just 7 days!

Don’t miss his presentation – trust us, if you’re looking for “avalanche leads” ideas, you’ll be glad you came!
Meet & network with other professionals & business owners – it’s always amazing how many “new business relationships” are formed at our annual event.

Why? Because it’s a casual environment which allows everyone to “wind down” & be themselves.
We guess that there would’ve been  MILLIONS of dollars’ worth of business that resulted from introductions at our events over the years.

You’ll have a real “spring in your step” when you learn HOW Northwind can help the partners “actually WOW” their own clients.

Our CEO, Harry Nguyen, will host a short segment during the evening, showcasing HOW partners can “gift” THEIRS clients with an incredible FREE overseas holiday……....yes, “FREE”.

Harry has fine-tuned this extraordinary “promotional giveaway” for Northwind - & now he’s going to show you HOW the program will work!!
Only Limited FREE Seats Available!

Normally $149


6pm Till 9pm

Wonderfully tasty Tapas & refreshments.

Berth Restaurant & Event Centre, 45 Newquay Promenade, Docklands.


Address Suit 1303, Aquavista Tower, 401 Docklands Drive, Docklands VIC 3008

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